We run occasional public workshops as well as custom workshops for companies, NGOs and educational institutions – see the current schedule here. The basic workshop formats are outlined on this page, but we are happy to design a custom workshop if you have specific needs — contact us for more information about how to do that.

Workshop Options

3-5 Day Intensive

The classic digital storytelling workshop as developed by StoryCenter in the US. This intensive workshop is demanding, but rewarding. Participants not only tell their stories but also grapple deeply with the process of transforming them into video art – this often means they gain new perspectives on themselves, their stories, their work and each other. The intensive workshop is particularly suitable for organisations that understand and value process work and would like to develop interpersonal as well as technical skills.

6-12 Week Part Time

Participants gather for a half-day each week. Giving more time to the process works well when participants have low computer skills, low confidence, limited time or health challenges. The process can be tailored to the specific situation and needs of the organisation.

Storyboard Workshop

This is “digital storytelling lite”, suitable when limited time and/or low computer skills and confidence don’t make it feasible or desirable to teach video editing. A good option when participants need to travel or the storyboard workshop is part of a broader process. This can also accommodate much larger numbers of people, where small groups work together on stories.

Snapshot Workshop

A one-day condensed version of the full workshop where participants focus on a single image. This is best for those who have their own laptops, tablets or smartphones and are fairly confident in using them.

Just the Stories

Want to learn the basics of writing and telling stories but not interested in the video? We can design a custom workshop to focus on basic storytelling and writing skills.